Empowering People to Create Positive Change

Underwriters Laboratories advances innovative education programs, safety outreach and science-based initiatives by identifying and helping to address the world’s most pressing safety threats through the connection of science and research. UL Education and Outreach programs serve as a catalyst for a global movement on safety, science, education and collaboration through research and strategic opportunities. These initiatives inspire solutions that improve health and increase environmental sustainability, further engage and inspire the next generation of safety scientists and engineers and, most importantly, help save lives.

Education and Outreach: Our Commitment 

By engaging audiences and empowering individuals, community leaders, partners, educators and policy makers around the globe, the UL Education and Outreach team implements a sustainable safety ecosystem in the following ways: 

  • Global thought leadership in safety science, health and environmentally responsible education
  • Research initiatives that promote change
  • Convening of stakeholders
  • Development of innovative safety science, health and environmentally responsible content 
  • Building global partnerships